Complimentary Phone Consultation

The process starts with a complimentary phone consultation (up to 30 min). During this time, we will talk about the spaces in your home and the challenges you face. We will discuss your vision, goals, timeframe, and answer any questions that you may have.

In-home Assessment

Together we will walk through your home and evaluate your space. With your permission, we will take notes, pictures, and possibly some measurements. This will help us while we put a plan together and think about how to best optimize your space to align with your vision.

Customized Plan

Based on our evaluations during the in-home assessment and feedback regarding your vision and goals, we will create a customized plan for your space and send it to you along with our service agreement.

Organizing Session

Once you have reviewed your customized plan and service agreement and decide to move forward, it’s time to get simplified! This is where we come in to work on your customized plan and start putting together organizational systems that are both functional and specific to your vision.

Follow Up

After the project is complete, we will give you a maintenance plan with guidelines to help you maintain the organizational systems that have been put in place. For up to four weeks following your final session, we will be available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have regarding the services you were provided.